United Under One Brand: USA DeBusk

July 31, 2017

Deer Park, TX, July 31, 2017 – Citing continued expansion in both services offered and geographic footprint, DeBusk Services Group LLC and USA DeBusk LLC are merging and will operate as USA DeBusk LLC in the U.S.

DeBusk Services Group CEO Andrew DeBusk explained that the move is designed to clarify any previous confusion about the company structure. DeBusk Services Group acquired USA Services in January 2015. However, the two companies continued to operate under different names. With approximately 10 service lines being offered by both companies, the time is right to commit to a single identity and a single company.

USA DeBusk will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of DeBusk Holdings LLC. USA DeBusk has also released branding decisions for related entities. The union company, G&A DeBusk, will continue to operate under its current name and function independently of USA DeBusk. International companies will operate as DeBusk/Canada, DeBusk/Mexico and DeBusk/Chile.

Service Growth
The majority of activities for the enterprise will be conducted under the USA DeBusk banner in the U.S., with service operations based in 19 locations across the country.

Service lines continue to be enhanced and expanded, now including:
• Hydro cutting
• Hot catalyst vacuuming (1,200 F/649 C)
• Pigging and decoking
• Fixed-bed catalyst services (inert entry)
• Tank cleaning and degassing
• Automated hydro blasting services
• Hydro excavating
• Vacuuming services
• Unit clearing and chemical cleaning (UCCC)
• Transportation (hazardous and nonhazardous)
• Chemical cleaning

Safety Remains Foremost
As it was for each legacy organization, safety will be the top priority for USA DeBusk.

Building on a record of zero OSHA recordable incidents in 2016, management is dedicated to providing the active leadership and support necessary to maintain safe work environments throughout the organization. This commitment to safety extends to every aspect of the business, from USA DeBusk offices and service centers to customer locations and the roadways in between. The safety program includes a stringent health, safety, environment and training operational plan, comprehensive training and active participation in all industry safety organizations.