Firm Overview

Turnbridge Capital Partners (“Turnbridge”) is a private equity firm that invests in middle-market businesses which are directly or indirectly dependent on energy and energy-related infrastructure spending. These businesses are typically energy services and equipment providers supporting upstream, midstream, and downstream energy companies. Although the firm focuses on companies headquartered in North America, industry dynamics often facilitate international growth prior to or in the years of the Turnbridge investment partnership.

Turnbridge seeks to invest alongside superior management teams, most often as their company’s first institutional equity partner, to assist in the pursuit of shared strategic growth and value creation objectives. Typically, Turnbridge targets majority ownership investments that require $25 million to $100 million of equity commitment per platform. Most often, target companies are generating $25 million to $250 million of revenue at the time of initial investment. With offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas, Turnbridge benefits from the knowledge and relationships its partners and investment team developed over their respective decades of experience in the industry and the southwest region.

Turnbridge Capital's Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Turnbridge is guided by principles that strive to deliver superior through-cycle investment performance:

An appreciation for the cyclical characteristics of the energy industry and its impact upon thesis development, strategic planning with management partners at portfolio companies, and investment horizons

A focus on value at the time of investment, as well as throughout the execution of operating strategy, to ensure investment return targets can be realized

We aim to drive returns through organic growth and synergistic acquisitions, and not through engineered capital structures or substituting financial leverage for company operating expertise

A commitment to follow-through by maintaining a collaborative partnership with management, which allows us to be impactful in real-time strategic decisions that drive value creation

An adherence to principles of integrity and open communication, which ensure trust and transparency between managers and investors

Value-Added Partnership

The Turnbridge investment team possesses over 150 years of combined energy sector experience and significant strategic relationships that we believe enhance value creation in our partnerships. In addition to our well-developed understanding of the industry sub-sectors into which we invest, our team brings proven experience in assisting middle-market companies in their growth evolution and professional development. Specifically, as investors, we strive to enhance value for our investment partners by:

Developing and implementing, together with our management teams, strategic priorities and value-creating operating plans, as well as reporting frameworks to insure alignment and accountability

Investing in vital organizational development, including key areas such as service quality, manufacturing efficiency, health, safety, environmental and compliance, human resources, and finance and accounting

Leveraging our network of established relationships across the industry, and through our past and present portfolio companies, to source, diligence, and execute strategic acquisitions, as well facilitate introductions to key vendors or customers

Assisting in the continuous evaluation of capital availability, sources and terms, particularly as relevant for financing internal growth and acquisition opportunities

Recruiting executives and attracting industry-knowledgeable board directors and co-investors who can accelerate growth and provide seasoned guidance

Enhancing financial systems, reporting, and controls

Preparing for future liquidity objectives

Overall, as partners we endeavor to serve as valuable counsel to our management teams without interfering with the day-to-day operation of their companies.