Cimarron Energy Launches DehyCombustor

August 6, 2015

Norman, OK,  August 6, 2015 – Cimarron Energy today announced the launch of a new environmental product, the DehyCombustor. The Cimarron DehyCombustor combines a BTEX condenser with an EPA certified combustor to eliminate BTEX emissions from glycol dehydration sites.

“As the EPA implements new regulations for glycol dehydration, we wanted to help producers find reliable solutions to efficiently eliminate emissions.” said Larry Holdge, President of Cimarron Energy. “Using our years of experience with other high quality emission control devices, we were able to find a solution that truly puts the customer’s needs first.”

The product captures dehydration still column vent emissions using a finned tube condenser and removing the condensate and BTEX. Any remaining hydrocarbon vapor is incinerated with an EPA certified enclosed combustor with a greater than 99% VOC destruction rate. Unlike other BTEX products, the DehyCombustor eliminates the need to send still column vapors to the reboiler which is a common cause of regenerator fires and reduced emissions control efficiency. The product uses a compact design on a single skid and allows for the continued use of pneumatic pumps which have been targeted as emissions sources under newly proposed regulations.

In addition to the DehyCombustor, Cimarron has the largest number of EPA certified combustors available in the industry as well as vapor recovery towers and a highly efficient burner management system. The company continues to expand its product lines for oil and gas operations and is currently testing an enclosed vapor combustor with substantially higher capacity than other models available in the marketplace.

About Cimarron Energy

Cimarron Energy is a manufacturer of oil and natural gas production and processing equipment providing separation, flowback, and environmental products to exploration and production companies throughout the United States. Cimarron Energy was purchased in 2014 by Turnbridge Capital Partners, a private equity firm focused exclusively on energy investments.

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