In late 2014, Turnbridge completed the corporate carve-out of Cimarron from its former parent, the Curtiss-Wright Corporation, thereby enabling the independent re-establishment of a 30-year old manufacturer of equipment for the energy industry. Since the Turnbridge investment, Cimarron has completed four strategic add-ons, including the 2019 acquisition of HyBon/EDI and the 2020 acquisition of Aereon.

Status: Active Portfoli
About Cimarron
Welder at Cimarron

Cimarron is a primary solution provider that engineers and manufactures environmental control, production and process equipment for the upstream, midstream and downstream energy industries, as well as environmental control solutions for biogas at wastewater facilities, digester tanks, and landfills. Cimarron is a global provider of emissions solutions that reduce GHG emissions for its customers.


Headquarters: Houston, TX
Initial Investment: 2014