In mid-2017, Turnbridge, in conjunction with Loci’s existing shareholder base and management team, led an equity investment, and commitment of additional capital, to support Loci’s expansion and allow for the more rapid introduction of Loci’s proprietary automated landfill gas collection solutions to the North American landfill gas-to-energy industry.

Status: Active Portfoli
About Loci Controls

Loci Controls is the leader in automated landfill gas collection. Utilizing a combination of proprietary wellhead-mounted products, cloud-based analytics, and 24/7/365 monitoring, along with on the ground field services, Loci Controls optimizes gas collection, increases profitability, reduces costs, and lowers risks for landfill and landfill gas-to-energy operators. Loci Controls’ solutions are enabling dramatic reductions of methane emissions across its growing installed landfill base.

Loci Controls

Headquarters: Wareham, MA
Initial Investment: 2017